The Place Where the Magic Happens

The Place Where the Magic Happens

Valle do Matutú, Where my Creativity Flourishes

Every year I come to this magical place which feeds my spirit & creativity to design and create prototypes for a new collection.  Matutú is a nature reserve & community of very special people, many of whom have become family, it is situated in the southern part of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. My mother and I have been coming here for almost 20 years, we find this to be the best place to create new work, a place where we can focus with no interruptions and are surrounded by inspiration and spirit! 




This incredible place which is a nature reserve, filled with an incredible quantity of bird species, venomous snakes, and many other creatures is where I am able to create like in no other place. I work without power tools, except for an engraver, with very few tools because the humidity doesn't allow for me to leave tools for a full year and have them be functional when I come back. Despite these limitations, I get so much done and feel energized and inspired! We usually start work early in the morning because we only work with natural light. On sunny days I take a brake mid day and go to the swimming hole for  a dip while morpho butterflies pass through greeting each other in a circular dance, and many other smaller butterflies fly about and stop to visit. 



I am having a very productive stay, have made many pieces I am really excited about including a serpent necklace and earrings!  I am looking forward to sharing my process with you.



I have been here for three weeks and feel renewed and with my cup full! This land and it's lovely people are an oasis for my soul!

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